Monday, October 19, 2009

FAMU launches mobile giving campaign

Giving to FAMU’s athletic program is now as easy as texting “50555.”

This weekend, Vice-President for University Relations Carla Willis emailed alumni with the news that FAMU is collaborating with the Mobile Giving Foundation to launch an innovative fundraising campaign.

Throughout 2009’s Homecoming Week (Oct 18th - 25th), University Relations is encouraging Rattlers to donate $5.00 to FAMU sports by texting the word "FAMU" to 50555 anytime during those days.

Willis says FAMU is one of just a few universities, and as of right now, the only HBCU, leading the nation in this type of giving strategy.

“Many of us learned from Obama’s campaign that the cellular telephone can be a great way to call people into action and a way of securing small donations that can make a huge impact,” Willis wrote. “This area of technology is another arena in which FAMU is poised and ready to become a leader.”

Mobile Giving is supported by the following carriers: AT&T, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, and Verizon Wireless.

For more information, check out the Mobile Giving page at the FAMU Foundation’s website.


Anonymous said...

I gave last night. It's very simple to do. Come on Rattlers, lets step up our game and give to our Athletic Program.

GREAT idea Ms. Willis.

Anonymous said...

I just gave.

Anonymous said...

Thanks 9:42 AM. My wife and I just gave on both our cell phones. The way I see it, we are sure to spend more than $5.00 on junk food in Tallahassee this weekend. Why not give that $5.00 to the university that we love SOOOOOO much?

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone's sentiments here but it's easier to complain about what our school is NOT doing.

FAMU, I love thee...

Happy Homecoming Rattlers !

Anonymous said...

Will do myself ...

But just imagine if we could get at least 10,000 of us to do this $5.00-$10.00 in this manner on a recurring MONTHLY basis.

We could easily raise close to $1M a year without so much as missing it!