Thursday, May 03, 2012

Student arrested for Red Dawg Order hazing also booked for Champion hazing

Aaron Golson, 19, who was arrested in December for charges in an alleged “Red Dawg Order” hazing, also faces charges in the hazing death of deceased FAMU drum major Robert Champion.

Golson turned himself in to Gadsden County officials today. He faces a third degree felony charge in the Champion case. His arrest brings the number of individuals arrested for hazing Champion up to eight. A total of 13 people were charged on Wednesday.

In December, Golson was released on a $10,000 bail after being arrested for one county of felony battery and one count of hazing.

Police accused Golson of hazing Bria Hunter. Hunter suffered a broken thigh and blood clouts after being fist-punched and beaten with a metal ruler during an unauthorized initiation process for an underground group called the Red Dawg Order.

Reports by ESPN and the Florida Times-Union stated that Champion was a member of the Red Dawg Order, as well. The Red Dawg Order is said to consist of band students from Georgia.

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Anonymous said...

This is really messed up, but its a case that I'm glad this case is growing legs and sprinting into actions. Though there are still questions that befuddle me. For instance how could someone be involved in activities at FAMU with an extensive and pretty current criminal record. Also, if sexuality was the basis for defense unfortunately many of the suspects have a known history among the university student body for being advit homosexuals, so this should turn into a very unwelcomed saga..