Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer academy brings best and brightest to FAMU

FAMU recently welcomed to its campus 24 gifted African-American male high school students from around the nation for the 2012 Distinguished Young Gentlemen of America, Inc. (DYG) National Summer Academy.      

The two-week program, which began Sunday, June 10 features an innovative accelerated student curriculum focusing on the following topics: advanced African studies and communal values; financial literacy and entrepreneurship; foreign affairs and globalization; leadership and communication; and professional and personal development.      

Distinguished Young Gentlemen of America, Inc. is a national non-profit entity fully committed to addressing a myriad of multi-dimensional issues permeating throughout the world.

The youths, all with grade point averages above a 3.0, will have the opportunity to develop and implement strategies to provide effective leadership on critical issues, learn tangible life skills (oratorical, culinary, mechanical, technical and etiquette) cultivate their entrepreneurial spirit, and broaden their intellectual capacities through reading and analyzing relevant essays, poems and books.     

“These young African-American males understand that an education is an essential ingredient to succeed in life,” said William E. Hudson Jr., vice president for Student Affairs.  “This highly successful program provides these individuals with an opportunity to grow and enhance their skills across the board.”

According to Hudson, each student is eligible for admission to FAMU and can receive a Presidential Scholarship if they meet the criteria.

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