Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Robinson should reject any micromanaging from Torey

Back when the FAMU Board of Trustees appointed Larry Robinson to the interim presidency, Torey Alston suggested that he had a problem with the university’s decision to keep certain employees in specific positions.

"Although the former president now is gone, there are major issues and people at the wrong place and in the wrong seats that I think need to be dealt with immediately," Torey said.

Torey needs to remember that trustees only have the authority to evaluate the performance of the university president. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools prohibits trustees from micromanaging employment decisions below the presidential level.

Robinson should feel no obligation to get rid of any current employee just because Torey might dislike that individual for personal reasons. FAMU nearly got in hot water with SACS because of the political interference from Gov. Rick Scott. The university doesn’t need to get any more trouble because of the actions of a Scott crony like Torey.

If there should be any discussion about a person sitting in "the wrong seat," it should focus on Torey. Chairman Chuck Badger made the poor decision to appoint Torey to lead the board’s Student Affairs Committee. That committee’s duties include reviewing proposed changes to the university's anti-hazing policies.

Torey's very questionable past on hazing makes him the absolute worst choice to chair the board's Student Affairs Committee.

Former FAMU student Marcus Jones, who attempted to join the Alpha Xi Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi while Torey was the chapter president, was paddled with wooden canes and punched during unauthorized rituals.

Jones did not directly accuse Torey of participating in the hazing. But he did mention Torey’s name in an account of the early stage of the pledging process that he told the St. Petersburg Times. Jones' accusations suggest that Torey knew of the fraternity's activities and turned a deaf ear.

If Torey represents the that best that the FAMU Board of Trustees can do in terms of finding a Student Affairs Committee chairman then that speaks poorly of the board's current membership composition.


Anonymous said...

Torey Alston better stop playing around before something crazy is disclosed...."May the real Mr. Alston, please stand up..."

Anonymous said...

Calculated Politics. Rattler Nation should be a shame of themselves!!

Anonymous said...

Alpha Xi til I die.....Yo! Yo! Nupe!

The Powell Report said...

I agree with Mr. Alston's idea that some faculty changes need to be made. President Ammons wasnt the only one with knowledge of FAMU's problems. So what he was Prez when the Kappa's were kicked off yard for hazing, in my eyes that makes him that much more experienced to deal with the problems of hazing.