Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lawson campaign is FAMU’s best chance to strike back against Tea Party

FAMU is under attack from a Tea Party darling governor who doesn't appear to be concerned about how his actions threaten the university’s future. Gov. Rick Scott has jeopardized FAMU’s accreditation, attempted to micromanage the Board of Trustees, and used his veto pen to try and stop FAMU from opening its Crestview Education Center.

Alfred “Al” Lawson is FAMU’s best chance to strike back against the Tea Party agenda that hurting the school. He has publicly fought against Scott’s efforts to hurt FAMU. Now, he wants a chance to help U.S. President Barack Obama battle against the Tea Party’s attempts to take the entire country backwards.

Lawson is running to unseat Tea Partier Steve Southerland in the Second Congressional District of Florida.

“Steve Southerland is a hard-right, extreme Tea Party Republican in the mold of our own Governor Rick Scott,” Lawson said in a campaign statement.

Southerland, according to Lawson, “voted to end Medicare as we know it by supporting the infamous Ryan Budget” and has opposed the Obama job plan that would help put many North Florida residents back to work.

“The Rattler Nation deserves better than Steve Southerland,” Lawson said.

Lawson is absolutely right. If Rattlers elect him to office, they can expect him to use the position to try and steer millions of more dollars into FAMU’s academic programs, just like he did back when he served in the Florida Legislature.

Every FAMUan should dig deep and make a generous contribution to Lawson’s campaign. Let’s help send a true Rattler to Washington, D.C.

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