Thursday, February 21, 2013

FAMU competing to retool Banneker, Jackson Davis buildings

FAMU has a strong record in Home Depot's Retool Your School competition. Back in 2010, FAMU netted a Tier II $10,000 grant to install cisterns for catching rainwater off campus buildings and diverting it to water the grounds near the women’s dormitories. FAMU received another Tier II $10,000 grant in 2011 to make a variety of much-needed upgrades to the New Beginnings Educational Research Center for Child Development.

But up to this point, FAMU has yet to win a Tier I grant of $50,000. With some team work, Rattlers could make 2013 FAMU's big year in the Retool Your School competition.

FAMU’s $50,000 proposal is to upgrade restrooms on all floors of the Benjamin Banneker Computer Science Complex (three total) and Jackson Davis Math Building (four floors total) to meet ADA accessibility codes. It will include the demolition and retrofit of existing restrooms in order to make way for new washroom equipment, stalls, and water saving devices. The university will also use the funds to install new push-plate ADA door operators.

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