Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Young says FAMU band ready to move closer to 300 members

FAMU Director of Marching and Pep Bands Sylvester Young says the Marching 100 is ready to move closer to 300 members in 2015.

Back in 2013, FAMU hired Young to rebuild a band program that had been on suspension for a year following the hazing death of a drum major and numerous management problems. At the time of the suspension, the band had 400+ members.  

Young has said that the ideal size for the Marching 100 is 256-320 members. According to First Coast News, he thinks the time is right for the band to grow.

“We're in the middle of that process and its working. This is a totally different group of students from what they had five years ago,” Young said.

Young offered former band students with clean records a chance to try out and make the roster in 2013. But such students ultimately made up less than a third of the band’s membership during his first year. At the beginning of that marching season, Young said that approximately 70 percent of the 100’s members were new.

A total of 146 students made the cut during the 2013 season. The band had 170 students in 2014.

“There’s a lot of pressure, people want to see a huge band,” Young told First Coast News.

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