Thursday, September 24, 2015

Miller defends Dee Gamble’s hiring as story hits Associated Press national wire

The news story on the hiring of Santoras "Dee" Gamble at FAMU has moved from WFSU to the Associated Press national wire.

Back on August 25, WFSU reported that the FAMU Office of Communications had hired Gamble to a job that pays him $75,000 per year. According to WFSU, “Gamble was convicted of Conspiracy to Defraud the United States, a felony.”

The United States v. Santoras D. Gamble “Amended Judgment in a Criminal Case” document that is linked to WFSU’s story states that Gamble pleaded guilty and received a sentence of three years’ probation for the offense.

FAMU Vice-President for Communications and External Relations Jimmy Miller defended his decision to hire Gamble in a set of written answers to questions from the Associated Press.

“FAMU has been commonly known as the ‘opportunity university,’ because we believe in giving individuals the first and second chances that they may never have had at other institutions,” Miller told the Associated Press. “Had we not given Mr. Gamble a second chance, the university itself would have missed an opportunity, an opportunity to receive support, expertise, and excellent service from a bright young man who is dedicated to the advancement of the students we serve.”

The Associated Press also reported that Gamble previously “worked at Cornell University, where Mangum worked prior to taking the post at FAMU.”

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