Monday, December 05, 2016

Inadequate enrollment went uncorrected while Warren was chair at Profectus, FAMU

Corey Alston and Cleve Warren were two individuals with unimpressive professional records who still managed to get appointed to the FAMU Board of Trustees (BOT) due to politics. Both were also connected to serious financial controversies involving Florida charter schools.

The Obama Academy for Boys and Red Shoe Charter School for Girls co-founded by Alston closed in 2015 after Broward County Public Schools found big financial accountability problems at the institutions. The Valor Academy of Leadership and Virtue Arts and Science Academy co-founded by Warren will close on December 21 following dire financial problems found by Duval County Public Schools.

Warren is the chairman of the Profectus Learning Systems Board of Directors that runs the two Duval County-based academies, which offer single-gender middle schools and high schools. He admitted that the schools ran into trouble because they didn’t enroll enough students.

“Our head count wasn’t what we expected it to be,” Warren told the Florida Times-Union.

According to the newspaper, the expenses of the schools “exceeded revenues by $186,752” in 2015. It added that: “This fiscal year, in September the schools racked up another $333,000 in such deficit spending…Both middle schools received D’s on state report cards and the high schools received F’s.”

The problem of inadequate enrollment also went uncorrected at FAMU while Warren served as the BOT chairman there from November to May 2016.

Warren strongly defended then-President Elmira Mangum despite the $9M+ the university lost due to the enrollment decline during her second year (2015-2016). The enrollment drop under Mangum was a key factor in the recent decision by Moody’s Investors Service to downgrade FAMU’s dormitory bond rating.

The situation didn’t improve after Warren became the BOT chairman. Mangum failed to do enough recruiting to reverse the enrollment decline and ending up leaving FAMU with a loss of 313 students at the start of the Fall 2016 semester. 

FAMU would have stayed on the path to the same fate as the Valor Academy of Leadership and Virtue Arts and Science Academy if the university had continued in the direction that Mangum and Warren were taking it.

Warren was a low-quality appointee with no loyalty to FAMU. Every Rattler is better off with him gone from the FAMU BOT.

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