Sunday, March 05, 2017

FAMU professor receives William R. Jones Outstanding Mentor Award

After considering a pool of candidates from across the State of Florida, the Florida Education Fund has awarded Seth Y. Ablordeppey the 2016 William R. Jones Outstanding Mentor Award.

Ablordeppey is professor of Medicinal Chemistry and the Director of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Division of the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU). 

The Florida Education Fund (FEF) is a nonprofit organization that develops programs to enhance education for students at all levels across the state of Florida. Established in 1984, the FEF’s McKnight Doctoral Fellowship Program has increased the number of minorities who have earned doctoral degrees in historically underrepresented, crucial disciplines. The FEF has awarded more than 750 Fellowships and the program enjoys an impressive retention rate of more than 84 percent. More than 500 fellows have graduated with doctorates in an average completion time of 5.5 years.

Fellowships are granted each year to students pursuing doctoral degrees at one of nine participating institutions in the State of Florida. At its annual McKnight Doctoral Fellows Meeting, on November 13, 2016, the Florida Education Fund (FEF) announced the mentor award winners.

“This award is for my students because over the years they have kept me loving something I have always wanted to do, which is teaching. They have made coming to work exciting as we work together to accomplish not only research goals but also how to share our talents and abilities to positively influence other,” Ablordeppey said. “My gratitude is extended to the McKnight Doctoral Fellowship for the investment in higher education and especially, in students who otherwise could not succeed on their own,” he added.

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