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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

FAMU, PVAMU, NCA&T set sights on 12,000+ students

Florida A&M University, Prairie View A&M University, and North Carolina A&T University are all looking to enroll at least 12,000 students in the near future.

FAMU President Larry Robinson is working to bring a total of 12,000+ students to the university by 2020. He has defended that plan despite the reaction from some members of the Florida Board of Governors (BOG) who have raised harsh questions about student growth at FAMU, Florida International University, and the University of Central Florida.

According to an article in the Tallahassee Democrat: “Robinson said he believes FAMU can effectively handle an enrollment of 12,000 students” when asked about the issue by BOG members.

“We have the (academic and student) services available, but we are reallocating and restructuring some of that to make it possible,” Robinson said in a quote from that article.

Monday, March 12, 2018

SUS schools got $1.9B from net tuition/fees in FYE 2016, $150M from state investment PBF

Summer 2016 Commencement at FAMU
State University System of Florida (SUS) schools still get much more money from net student tuition and fees than they do for performance-based funding (PBF).

Back in the fiscal year that ended on June 30, 2016, the SUS schools that competed for PBF got $1.9B from net tuition and fees and only $150M from state investment PBF dollars. The schools were also able to keep $250M for “restoration of base funds.”

Monday, February 19, 2018

5,681 beds coming to off-campus student housing market within 5 miles of FAMU

Map from Novogradac & Company study
Off-campus housing will play a big role in helping Florida A&M University as it continues to expand its student numbers. FAMU plans to enroll 10,409 students in Fall 2018 and even more in the coming years.

A December 1, 2016 report by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of Policy Development and Research stated that “the student housing apartment market segment currently is tight, with a 2.6-percent vacancy rate, with units built since 2010 having a vacancy rate of less than 1 percent.”

Much more off-campus housing is now under development. Novogradac & Company presented a housing study to FAMU in 2016. The study said that 5,681 beds are in the pipeline for the off-campus student housing market within five miles of the FAMU campus. A total of 1,906 were in the FAMU Primary Market Area of less than half a mile to the campus.

Monday, February 05, 2018

Robinson sets goal of 10,409 students with another 3.0+ GPA freshman class in Fall 2018

Florida A&M University President Larry Robinson wants FAMU to cross the 10,000 student benchmark in Fall 2018 with another strong class of freshmen.

One of his 2017-2018 Annual Goals is to recruit enough students for FAMU to enroll 10,409 in Fall 2018 with another freshman class that has a 3.0+ average GPA.

For Fall 2017, FAMU had a total of 9,913 students. The freshman class had an average GPA of 3.39. Its average SAT score was higher than the Florida and national averages.

FAMU is currently the second smallest university in the State University of System of Florida. It and Florida Polytechnic University, which has only been a university since 2014, are the only two schools that don’t currently have at least 10,000 students.

The enrollment increase in Fall 2017 helped FAMU improve its Moody’s Investors Service outlook from “negative” in 2016 to now “stable.”

Robinson, Florida International University President Mark Rosenberg, and University of Central Florida President John Hitt are refusing to back down on their plans for enrollment increases even though some Florida Board of Governors have questioned the student growth at those three schools.

Correction: An earlier version of this story said that FAMU is the second smallest school in the SUS. That should have read that FAMU is the second smallest university in the SUS. 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

FAMU, FIU, UCF presidents refusing to back down from their enrollment growth plans

The presidents of Florida A&M, Florida International, and the University of Central Florida are pushing forward with their plans for enrollment growth despite harsh questioning on the issue from some members of the Florida Board of Governors (BOG).

UCF and FIU have been called on to defend their big student numbers at BOG meetings ever since they both surpassed the University of Florida in enrollment.

Back in 2009, UCF took UF’s former title as the largest in Florida. 

In Fall 2016, UCF was the still the biggest in the state with 64,318 students and the second largest in the country behind Arizona State University. FIU was the second largest in Florida with 55,112 students. 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

FAMU had second smallest enrollment among Florida’s public universities in Fall 2016

FAMU students leaving Lee Hall after the 2016 Founders Day Convocation
Florida A&M University had the second smallest number of students among all the public universities in Florida in Fall 2016. It had 9,614 students.

The only reason FAMU wasn’t dead last was because of Florida Polytechnic University, which has only been a university since 2014. Florida Poly was previously the University of South Florida Lakeland. There were 1,314 students at that school in Fall 2016. 

FAMU and Florida Poly were the only two universities that didn’t have an enrollment that reached five figures. 

Thursday, January 04, 2018

The top 3 most popular news stories on Rattler Nation in 2017

We can never do enough to thank the regular readers of Rattler Nation. 2017 was a great year in terms of total site visits.

Three news stories stood out far above all the others in popularity. Our readers really helped to generate much of the interest in these posts by sharing the links across Twitter, Facebook, and other social media.

Here's the list:

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Enrollment growth following Mangum’s exit helps lead to improved Moody’s outlook for FAMU

The enrollment growth that followed the exit of former President Elmira Mangum has helped Florida A&M University gain an improved outlook from Moody’s Investors Service. Moody’s has changed its outlook for FAMU from “negative” under Mangum in 2016 to “stable” as of December 19, 2017.  

“The stable outlook incorporates expectations of stabilizing enrollment, management's commitment to maintaining operating equilibrium and stable to growing state support,” a Moody’s press release stated.”

The press released added that: “The outlook also is also predicated on strong demand for the dormitory system with ongoing debt service coverage above 1.2x.”

Interim President Larry Robinson reversed the five year enrollment decline in Fall 2017. FAMU now has 9,913 students, which is 299 more than last year. The average GPA for the freshman class is 3.39. FAMU freshmen also posted a 1077 average on the SAT, which is above the Florida average and the national average.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Simmons wants 12,000+ students at PVAMU, where FAMU was in 1999 under Humphries

Ruth J. Simmons, former president of Brown University, will soon become the permanent president of Prairie View A&M University. She has been serving as the interim president since July 1, 2017.

Simmons wants to quickly move undergraduate enrollment at PVAMU up to 12,000. According to the Texas Tribune, “her vast professional network and fundraising abilities will be critical for a growing school hoping to up its undergraduate enrollment from 9,000 to 12,000 in the next three years.”

PVAMU hasn’t announced its final enrollment numbers for Fall 2017, but a press release said that the total number of students is larger than last year. Back in Fall 2016, PVAMU had 8,762 students with an average freshman GPA of 3.04.

Florida A&M University first crossed the 12,000 student mark back in 1999 when Frederick S. Humphries was president. FAMU enrolled 12,100 students that year. The average GPA for the freshmen was 3.21.

Monday, November 06, 2017

FAMU’s Fall 2017 freshmen have 3.39 average GPA, SAT scores above Florida and national averages

Florida A&M University enrolled a total of 9,913 students in Fall 2017. That’s the biggest number of students the school has had since Fall 2015, when there were 9,920 students.

The average GPA for the freshman class is 3.39.

That GPA average is 0.15 less than the 3.54 from Fall 2016. But the SAT scores for the freshmen are higher than the Florida and national averages.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, “the average SAT score was 1017 in Florida, out of a possible 1600, and 1070 nationally. The average composite ACT score in Florida was 19.8 out of 36 compared to 21 nationally.”

FAMU freshmen posted a 1077 average on the SAT. The freshmen also have an average ACT score of 21, which is above the Florida average and the same as the national average.

The Sentinel reported that 93 percent of the students in the Florida high school senior class of 2017 took the "new" SAT.

North Carolina A&T remains the largest single campus historically black college or university (HBCU) with 11,877 students for Fall 2017. Its freshmen had an average GPA of 3.51. But the FAMU freshmen topped the NCA&T freshmen in SAT and ACT scores. The average SAT score for NCA&T freshmen is 1,023 and the average ACT score is 20.

FAMU lost $1.4M in tuition and fees in 2015-2016 due to the decline in enrollment. The enrollment bump will give FAMU its first boost in tuition and fees since 2011-2012.

Applications at FAMU went up from 7,813 for Fall 2016 to 8,952 for Fall 2017.       

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Enrollment numbers at FAMU back to being larger than Jackson State’s

Last year, Jackson State University surpassed Florida A&M University in enrollment. It had 9,811 students in Fall 2016, which was 199 more than the 9,612 students who enrolled at FAMU.

But for Fall 2017, FAMU has 9,913 students and JSU has just 8,583, which is a loss of 1,228.

Former JSU President Carolyn Meyers stepped down effective November 1, 2016 after having led the school since 2011. She had clashed with the Mississippi College Board over her spending to add facilities and expand operations in response to increasing student numbers.

According to Diverse Issues in Higher Education, “Over the last five years, JSU’s cash on hand has plummeted from $37 million to $4.2 million as of June 30. Meyers has defended her spending decisions, citing growth and upgrading facilities as the biggest expenditures. The university also had announced a plan to replenish its cash reserve by $10 million in the current fiscal year by controlling expenses.”

New JSU President William B. Bynum Jr. is now making big cuts to student financial aid his reductions in spending.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Prairie View A&M, Florida A&M interim presidents increasing enrollment and working to expand on-campus housing

The interim presidents of the land grant historically black universities in Texas and Florida are both increasing enrollment at their schools. They are also working to expand on-campus housing options for students.

An August press release by Prairie View A&M stated that “the university is currently trending 8% ahead of last year’s certified enrollment of 8,762. That surge is driven in large part by a nearly 15.0 percent increase in the number of first-time, full-time freshmen. Additionally, PVAMU has noted a 2-4% increase in retention for continuing students.”

It added that: “Though the university continues to provide residential housing for about 65% of its undergraduate students, including students with families, the unprecedented growth has caused higher demand for on-campus and near-campus housing.”

Interim President Ruth J. Simmons, who served as president of Brown University from 2001 to 2012, said PVAMU is working hard to help the students that it isn’t able to house on-campus.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Student numbers up at FAMU after school lost $19.8M in tuition and fees due to enrollment decline

At the 2017 Florida A&M University Homecoming Convocation, Interim President Larry Robinson announced that the school has reversed its enrollment decline.

FAMU enrolled 9,913 students in Fall 2017. That’s the biggest number of students the school has had since Fall 2015, when there were 9,920 students.

The university had 9,614 students in Fall 2016.

FAMU lost $19.8M in total tuition and fee loses due to the enrollment decline between 2012-2013 and 2015-2016. The Florida auditor general report with the tuition and fee loss numbers from 2016-2017 has not been released yet.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

FAMU’s graduation rates, enrollment stand to benefit from Pell Grant, SAG boosts

Current and future Rattler students stand to reap big benefits from the recent boost to the federal Pell Grant program and proposed bump in Florida Student Assistance Grants (SAG). The increased need-based aid is likely to help raise Florida A&M University’s enrollment and four-year/six-year graduation rates.

The FY’17 Omnibus Appropriations Bill restored year-round Pell Grants, which haven’t been available since 2011. Over the past six years, students have only been able to receive Pell Grants for two semesters per academic year, which led to a decline in Pell-eligible students taking summer courses. But now, more students will be able to take classes for three semesters each year and graduate more quickly.

A total of 64.7 percent of FAMU undergraduate students received a Pell Grant in Fall 2014, which was the highest of all the public universities in Florida.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

State audit: FAMU lost $1.4M in tuition and fees in 2015-2016, mainly due to enrollment drop

The enrollment decline continued to hurt FAMU’s budget last fiscal year.

The "Management's Discussion and Analysis" section of the recent FAMU financial statement audit said that the enrollment drop was the main factor that caused FAMU to lose more than a million dollars in tuition and fees in 2015-2016.

“Net student tuition and fees decreased by $1.4 million, or 3.1 percent, as compared to the 2014-15 fiscal year,” the section said. “This decrease was due primarily to a decline in enrollment.” 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

FAMU finishes FYE 2016 with 11,178 students

FAMU’s enrollment fell for the fifth consecutive fiscal year in 2016. The university’s 12-month unduplicated headcount for July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016 was 11,178. That was a decline of 312 students from the previous fiscal year, when the total enrollment was 11,490.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

NCA&T gained $4M in tuition and fees during 2015-2016 as FAMU took $9M+ loss

North Carolina A&T University remains the #1 largest single campus historically black college or university. It took that title from FAMU back in 2014-2015.

The enrollment at NCA&T has continued to increase since then. NCA&T had a total of 10,852 students in Fall 2015. But FAMU’s student numbers slid down to 9,920. That cost FAMU $9M+ from tuition and fee losses.

NCA&T had an increase of about $4M in tuition and fees due to its enrollment bump in 2015-2016.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Saunders-White leaves NCCU with MEAC crown, enrollment up, freshman GPAs at 3.22

On November 26, North Carolina Central University (NCCU) received the sad news that Chancellor Debra Saunders-White had died after a battle with cancer.

Saunders-White was a first-rate leader whose many accomplishments have created a brighter future for NCCU.

The Eagles won the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference football championship in 2016 and played in the second annual Celebration Bowl, which was broadcast by ABC. That appearance on national television provided another boost to the “enhanced recruitment efforts” Saunders-White implemented to help the university.

Monday, December 19, 2016

FAMU working to prevent enrollment financial losses from becoming SACS problem

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) has continued to show that it isn’t interested in hearing any excuses from institutions that are going through financial struggles due to enrollment declines.

Earlier this month, Bennett College announced that SACS had placed it on probation due, in large part, to financial problems. According to the Greensboro News & Record, “the financial struggles at Bennett, a private women’s college, have been closely linked with a decline in enrollment. Enrollment has fallen by nearly half since it peaked in 2010 at 780 students. This fall, enrollment stood at 403 students.”

The newspaper added that Bennett had a $2M deficit in 2014 and a deficit of about $1.25M in 2015. SACS cited Bennett for not complying with standards on the “Governing Board,” “Financial resources and stability,” and “Financial stability.”

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Athletic fee losses from enrollment decline reduced funds for critical Bragg repairs

Yesterday, many so-called Rattlers who didn’t care about the multi-million dollar enrollment decline under former President Elmira Mangum threw fits on Facebook over news about a financial problem that was made worse by those student loses. 

Tallahassee Democrat reporter Jordan Culver discussed the details that Athletic Director Milton Overton Jr. and Chief Financial Officer Angela Poole shared during a Board of Trustees workshop.

“FAMU must spend $622,000 for structural repairs and internal stair replacement or [Bragg Memorial Stadium] will not be cleared for fall competition,” Culver tweeted yesterday.