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Thursday, April 06, 2017

FAMU SGA presidential election heads into run-off

The FAMUan reports that there will be a run-off in the race for the positions of Student Government Association (SGA) president and vice-president.

Incumbent President Justin Bruno and Vice-President Devin Harrison will face-off against the Marquise McMiller/William Gardner ticket. McMiller, a staunch Republican, who on his Facebook page had been supportive of Donald Trump, and Gardner are both members of the FAMU Student Senate.

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Florida students leave more than $100 million in Pell Grants unclaimed

Prospective FAMU, and other Florida, students leave millions in federal financial aid unclaimed according to a data by the Florida College Access Network (FCAN) which shows that Florida high schools with the most low-income students have the lowest Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) completion rates.

At schools with large numbers of low-income students, just 27 percent of students completed their forms — more than 28 percent less than the state average FCAN found.

Because of the low FAFSA completion rate, Florida students leave behind over $100 million in federal Pell Grant money the data shows.

“A lot of research tells us the students who would benefit the most from financial aid are often the students least likely to know the aid is available," said Troy Miller, associate director for Research & Policy at the Florida College Access Network. "So they don’t fill out the forms because don’t think they’ll be eligible or they’re averse to loans or they’re confused about how financial aid works."

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Bruno, Harrison running for reelection as top FAMU SGA leaders

The FAMUan reports that Justin Bruno and Devin Harrison are running for reelection to the positions of Florida A&M University student body president and vice-president, respectively.

Back on February 16, 2016 Bruno and Harrison won the positions of SGA president and vice-president by 163 votes. They received 1,366 to the 1,203 votes of the Victor Chrispin/Pernell Mitchell ticket. But they were not able to take office until Wednesday, January 11, 2017 due to a long legal battle over the election results and the failure of Student Government Association (SGA) officials to schedule a new election in a timely fashion.

If Bruno wins reelection to the SGA presidency, he will follow Tonette Graham and Gallop Franklin as students who were elected twice to represent the FAMU student body on the Board of Trustees.

Two additional tickets have filed for the race. One ticket consists of Marquise McMiller and William Gardner. The other consists of Dajuh Sawyer and Byron Carter.

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Bruno honored by 220 Quarterback Club

Putting the needs of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University’s (FAMU) students first was the key point of a message from Student Government Association President (SGA) Justin Bruno during a recent 220 Quarterback Club Luncheon.

The quarterback club is composed of FAMU alumni and supporters and has contributed more than $70,000 to the University since its inception seven years ago, primarily to assist the athletics department, Members recognized Bruno for his dedicated leadership.

During the luncheon, Eddie Jackson, a retired FAMU Vice President of University Relations, and president of the group, presented Bruno with the 220 Quarterback Club Rattler Spirit Award.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

FAMU students aid Tallahassee community after Hurricane Hermine

By Amaya Mann
FAMU Office of Communications

In the wake of Hurricane Hermine, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University’s (FAMU) students put their best foot forward by aiding the community.

During the last three hours leading up to Hurricane Hermine’s arrival, the Transfer Student Association (TSA) partnered with Leon County Public Operations to assemble and disburse sandbags to Tallahassee residents. Sandbags can be used as barriers against runoff and floodwater in order to prevent serious water damage to one’s property.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Smith’s pro-Mangum protests got little support because most FAMU students don’t respect him

In the week leading up to the FAMU Board of Trustees vote on the negotiated exit plan for President Elmira Mangum, “Interim” Student Government Association (SGA) President Jaylen Smith did his best to drum up support for her among students. But his efforts fell flat because most FAMU students don’t respect him.

FAMU students didn’t elect Smith to serve as SGA president. The students chose Justin Bruno to be their SGA president during their Spring 2016 elections. Smith ended up as “interim” SGA president due to Mangum’s mishandling of the student election process.

That didn’t stop Smith from trying to get the Board of Trustees (BOT) to believe that he was the individual who represented the views of most FAMU students. But his mouth wrote a check that his weak leadership skills couldn’t cash.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

FAMU students chose Bruno to be their voice, Smith an unelected yes-man for Mangum

FAMU President Elmira Mangum has, for the most part, lost the support of the elected leadership of the university’s Faculty Senate, United Faculty of Florida (FAMU-UFF) chapter, and National Alumni Association (NAA). Students backed former Student Government Association (SGA) President Tonnette Graham’s work to hold Mangum responsible for her actions and elected her vice-president, Justin Bruno, to continue that leadership.

But the FAMU students don’t currently have an elected SGA president to represent them on the Board of Trustees (BOT) due to Mangum’s mishandling of the student elections. In April, Mangum announced that Jaylen Smith would serve as the “interim” SGA president. The FAMUan reported on April 27 that Smith, who had just elected as the Student Senate president, would be the interim SGA president because of the delay in finalizing the SGA presidential election.

Smith didn’t run for the SGA presidency in the spring when he was junior, probably because he knew he would have lost to Bruno. He’s now become the biggest yes-man on the BOT for the FAMU president who helped him get an office that he didn’t win.

Friday, September 02, 2016

FAMU students attend prestigious UCLA summer research programs

Students from the College of Science and Technology are back in Tallahassee after spending two months representing Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

From June 19-Aug. 13, 2016, Amber Courtland, Edesthele Decius, and Curtis Crowther attended the UCLA Medical Imaging Informatics (MII) summer research program, while Deja Goodsen, Ugoma C. Onubogu, Rebecca Oyetoro, and Robert Seniors attended the Bruins-in-Genomics summer research program.

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

FAMUan reports say Washington urged impeachment against Agnew, Graham

The drama surrounding Kyle Washington, current student engagement coordinator for the FAMU Office of Communications, hasn’t been limited to cable television.

Articles by The FAMUan state that Washington urged the FAMU Student Senate to impeach two Student Government Association (SGA) presidents in the past.

Back in 2007, FAMUan reporter Latasha Edwards wrote that “Washington told the senate he wanted to impeach Student Body President Phillip Agnew.

“We need to impeach Philip Agnew for the basis on not doing his job, not informing us on what's going on with the Board of Trustees and administrators, violating state laws, purchasing contracts, and allowing our administration to spend out of control as they have,” Washington was quoted as saying in the article.

Agnew said “the accusations are unfounded and ridiculous.” He added that Washington was of “no relevance in terms of impeachment.”

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Kyle Washington is the last person who should be lecturing Rattlers about TV-style drama

One of the most comical moments at the June 10 FAMU Board of Trustees (BOT) took place when Kyle Washington went to the microphone during public comments to lecture FAMUans about TV-style drama.

“The world has turned FAMU into the World’s Greatest live television show,” he said. “Shonda Rhimes couldn't write a better episode of drama. It’s filled with cliffhangers and ‘stay tuned for next week," but the drama has become a runaway train; a train that we no longer control…Let's stop contributing to the problem. In fact, let’s turn the television off.”

Washington is the last person who should be trying to scold anyone on this topic.
Back in 2009, Washington was a cast member of the BET reality TV show College Hill South Beach. It was the sixth season of the series.

A two part-episode called “Ribgate” featured a dispute between him and Kathryn “Kay” Barlow over a plate of ribs. Barlow ate some ribs that Washington had cooked without asking and he later let her know how angry he was.

Friday, July 22, 2016

FAMU student addresses environmental justice

Devin Crowther hadn’t begun classes in the School of the Environment before he decided to become an agent of change and fight against environmental justice issues.

While presenting at the third annual Historically Black Colleges and Universities Climate Change Conference in New Orleans, his interest was piqued. He said learning about how lower income victims of Hurricane Katrina were moving into a stretch of land along the Mississippi River known as a “petrochemical corridor” or “cancer alley” near 150 industrial plants inspired him to spring into action.

“I got to see with my own eyes the conditions that underprivileged people lived in and it inspired me to do something about it,” Crowther said. “I decided to become an environmental lawyer to help bring about change by way of public policy, regulations and case law.”

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Hit the road, Cleve! BOG sends FAMU BOT chair packing

FAMU is finally rid of Cleve Warren.

Former FAMU Student Body President Tonnette Graham joined the Florida Board of Governors (BOG) in a unanimous vote to give Cleve the boot from the FAMU Board of Trustees (BOT) earlier this afternoon. Today was Graham’s last meeting as a member of the BOG. She held a seat on the BOG as part of her duties as chair of the Florida Student Association.

Cleve used his position of BOT chair to defend Mangum. But the BOT will have to elect a new chair to lead the discussion about whether it will renew Mangum’s contract. The BOT must start that discussion by June 30, 2016.  

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Mangum declares Jaylen Smith “interim” SGA president

Yesterday, FAMU President Elmira Mangum announced that Jaylen Smith will serve as the “interim” Student Government Association (SGA) and member of the Board of Trustees (BOT).

Back on March 30, WCTV reported that “the sitting SGA president will serve the remainder of her term, which expires on April 30th. Then, should there be the need, the SGA will follow their order of succession as prescribed in their operating procedures.”

The order for succession in SGA is the vice-president, chief of staff, and then the senate president.

The FAMUan reported on April 27 that Smith, who was just elected as the senate president, would be the interim SGA president because of the delay in finalizing the SGA presidential election.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

FAMU students helping to coordinate Selma Jubilee

By Geneia Holman
Florida A&M University

This year Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University’s (FAMU) Sociology and Criminal Justice Club will be an integral part of the planning and execution of the historical 51st annual Selma Bridge Crossing Jubilee.

The Bridge Crossing Jubilee, Inc., affectionately called “The Jubilee,” is a nonprofit organization founded in Selma, Ala. by Hank and Rose Sanders.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Medical Scholars student receives award from 220 Quarterback Club

By Dominique Mack
Florida A&M University

Michelle Wilson is a junior pre-medicine biology major who has already been admitted into medical school thanks to an innovative scholars program at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU).

Through a partnership with Florida Atlantic University’s (FAU) Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine, the Medical Scholars Program incorporates a rigorous curriculum and course load similar to medical school. Students who successfully complete the four-year program are then admitted into FAU’s College of Medicine.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Bruno elected FAMU student body president

On Tuesday, the Florida A&M University student body elected Justin Bruno to succeed Tonnette S. Graham as it Student Government Association president. Bruno currently serves as Graham’s vice-president.

He and his runningmate, Devin Harrison, received a total of 1,366 votes. Graham endorsed the ticket in a public statement that she released during campaign week.

“Being the tenacious and hard working individuals that I’ve grown to know, Justin Bruno and Devin Harrison are more than capable of protecting and uplifting the College of Love and Charity,” she said.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Rufus resigns as FAMU chairman, remains on Board of Trustees

Today, Rufus Montgomery stepped down as chairman of the FAMU Board of Trustees. According to the Florida Times-Union, he is still keeping his seat as a member of the board.

The announcement came a day after he supported two unsuccessful attempts to terminate the contract of FAMU President Elmira Mangum during a morning conference call. FAMU Student Body President Tonnette Graham responded by holding a rally at the steps of Lee Hall that called on him to leave the chairmanship. A statement from her office asked Rufus “to step down and allow an unbiased leader to rise and lead our Board.”

Students protest as Scott prepares to make appointments that will decide Mangum’s fate

Back in 2011, FAMU Student Body President Breyon Love led close to 1,200 students in a march to the Florida Governor’s Mansion to protest Gov. Rick Scott’s request for the university Board of Trustees to suspend President James H. Ammons. Scott asked the board to take that action seven days after it rejected a motion by Trustee Rufus Montgomery to place Ammons on administrative leave.

Yesterday, Rufus’ attempt to get rid of the president who succeeded Ammons led to another student protest and a march to the governor’s office.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Condescending attitudes toward students a recurring problem in Mangum administration

Almost one year ago, hundreds of FAMU students booed President Elmira Mangum’s first permanent athletic director at the 2014 Homecoming Convocation following his disrespectful treatment of the football team.

Earlier that week, Athletic Director Kellen Winslow, Sr. had angered many FAMU students with a set of comments he made to a group of football players who visited him to express their disagreement with his decision to terminate Head Coach Earl Holmes.

Winslow tried to shoo them away by saying “Don’t y’all have a book to read?”

Friday, October 09, 2015

White House names two FAMU students HBCU All-Stars

The White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) has named two Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) students 2015 “HBCU All-Stars.”

The U.S. Department of Education recently announced the names of 83 undergraduate, graduate, and professional students from 70 HBCUs who have been tapped to serve as ambassadors to the White House by providing outreach and communication with fellow students about the value of education.

FAMU graduate students Gilda Brown and Jennifer Smith were selected as All-Stars from a pool of more than 450 applicants.