Monday, September 17, 2018

FAMU student's "Black Rolf" meme goes viral

Elijah Rutland,  FAMU graphic design student
If you are on any form of social media, you've probably seen the meme of Black version of Rolf from the early 2000's Cartoon Network's show Ed, Edd n Eddy standing by his apartment window, staring pensively outside with all kinds of random thoughts going through his head.

Now meet Elijah Rutland, the 19-year-old FAMU graphics design major from Macon, GA, who drew the meme.

Rutland, who describes himself as a digital artist, said he has been drawing his whole life and that his art is an extension of him. “I use it to say the things I wouldn’t want to say out loud or put it into a tweet so I create a visual representation of my thoughts,” he said.

“Ever since I could hold a pencil I’ve been drawing and I really started loving it in second grade when my friends and I would draw sneakers and anime like DBZ and Naruto,” said Rutland via Buzz Feed .

Rutland says his work tends to focus on topics such as Black empowerment, political and social issues, and Black history.

When Rutland's began popping up on social media without giving him credit and here's his response:

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