Saturday, May 05, 2012

Drum majors booked in Champion homicide case marched at victim’s funeral

Jonathan Boyce, Rikki Wills, and Shawn Turner, who all were arrested for third degree felony hazing in the Robert Champion homicide case, marched in front of the casket of the man they are accused of helping to haze.

Boyce (the head drum major), along with Wills and Turner, were among one of five FAMU Marching 100 drum majors who served alongside Champion. Champion died on Nov. 19 in Orlando after being hazed aboard a bus parked at the band’s hotel.

On Nov. 29, President James H. Ammons announced that the university had expelled four students “in connection to the Robert Champion incident.”

The next day, on Nov. 30, five FAMU drum majors high-stepped in front of the horse-drawn carriage that carried Champion’s body to his funeral service in Decatur, Ga. Boyce, Wills, and Turner were among them. Wills told a FAMU TV 20 reporter that it was a “pleasure to have ever met” Champion.

On Dec. 5, The FAMUan newspaper later reported that it received official university documents confirming the identities of three of the four students.

According to FAMUan staffers, the students were: “Head Drum Major Jonathan Boyce, a 24-year-old senior from Marietta, Ga., along with fellow drum majors Shawn Turner, 25 of Atlanta, and Rikki Willis, 23 of Miami.”

Keon Hollis, another drum major who marched at Champion’s funeral, later told ESPN that he and Champion voluntarily submitted themselves to the “Crossing Bus C” hazing ritual on Nov. 19.


Anonymous said...

To me, that's the worst part about the entire situation! These guys marched at Robert's funeral in front of his casket, and had a part in hazing him! That, to me, says a lot about their characters. Then the nerve of Rikki to talk about his memories! 4real?!

Anonymous said...

I hope that memory of Robert haunts him. That is truly disturbing how he reflects on the good times he had with Robert, when truly he was one of the many that TOOK his life. They all shall be thrown under the jail!

Anonymous said...

Guilty until proven innocent right?... Smh