Friday, October 30, 2015

Mangum makes headlines for dodging tough questions from reporters, again

FAMU President Elmira Mangum dashes out a back door after a press conference (Tallahassee Democrat)
The president of FAMU made headlines this week for choosing to dodge tough questions from reporters, again.

Reporters who represented media outlets from across the Florida came to Lee Hall on the FAMU campus yesterday to cover a press conference called by President Elmira Mangum. But after making brief comments about some new campus initiatives, Mangum dashed out a back door and ignored questions from the media.

“FAMU's president was asked about the relationship between her and the trustees,” said WTXL-27 Reporter Amanda Blomquist. “However, she abruptly left the conference, refusing to answer any questions.”

WCTV-6 Reporter Lanetra Bennett wrote similar details in her story.

“Mangum did not answer reporter questions about her spending, the Board's failed termination vote, or even the Board of Governors' renewed interest in university business,” Bennett said.
FAMU VP Jimmy Miller fumbles a question from Reporter Tia Mitchell (WCTV-6)
FAMU Chief Communications Officer Jimmy Miller did his usual poor job of dealing with the press by fumbling questions about why Mangum left early.

“I don’t have the president’s schedule with me, but I know she had a conflict,” Miller said on the WCTV-6 camera.

Miller mentioned a meeting that Mangum had to attend in New York. But the WCTV-6 video showed Florida Times-Union Reporter Tia Mitchell calling Miller on the facts.

“Her assistant just said the meeting isn’t until tomorrow,” Mitchell said to Miller.

Miller responded to her by saying: “She’s going to New York.”

Tallahassee Democrat Reporter Byron Dobson had trouble holding back his laughter as Miller struggled with Mitchell’s questions.

Mangum previously declined a request to be interviewed for a Florida Times-Union story that ran on August 24.
Mangum ignores Reporter Mike Vasilinda as an SUV drives her away (MVP)
Reporter Mike Vasilinda didn’t have any better luck trying to get a comment from Mangum as she sat in a chauffeured SUV outside Lee Hall.

“Madame President?” Vasilinda asked with the microphone ready.

Mangum just ignored him as the SUV drove away.

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