Thursday, October 22, 2015

Mangum narrowly survives 2 BOT votes proposing termination

This morning, FAMU President Elmira Mangum narrowly survived two separate Board of Trustees votes that proposed terminating her contract.

Vice-Chairman Kelvin Lawson moved “to terminate the contract of President Mangum due to incurable cause.” He accepted a friendly amendment from Student Body President Tonnette Graham for the motion to go into effect at midnight in the event it passed.

The motion failed by a 5-7 vote.

Faculty Senate President Bettye Grable, Kelvin Lawson, Spurgeon McWilliams, Chairman Rufus Montgomery, and Robert Woody voted “yes.”

Torey Alston, Student Body President Tonnette Graham, Kimberly Moore, Belinda Shannon, Cleve Warren, Nicole Washington, and Karl White voted “no.”

Robert Woody then moved to terminate Mangum’s contract “without cause” and with “no confidence.”

The motion failed with a 6-6 split on the board.

The only difference between the results of that vote and previous one was the fact that Alston decided to vote “yes” on the motion, which led to the 6-6 outcome.

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