Sunday, July 15, 2012

Political influences telling FAMU trustees not to appoint Robinson as interim president

Numerous FAMU alumni and faculty have begun reaching out to members of the university Board of Trustees and asking them to consider Provost Larry Robinson for the interim presidency. But these FAMUans started working too late.

The “search process” for the interim presidency is already being fixed to make sure that Robinson isn’t chosen. Political influences outside FAMU have gotten to many of the 13 trustees and told them not give Robinson any serious consideration for the job.

One big reason that Robinson is under attack is because he’s a strong supporter of building research programs at FAMU. Robinson has brought millions of federal research grants into the university and has lobbied to expand FAMU’s Ph.D. programs in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Rattler Nation has learned that steps are being taken to arrange for FAMU to have an interim president who will scale back the university’s research program proposals and advocate a focus on baccalaureate education.

Another argument that is being used against Robinson is one that has also been used against President James H. Ammons. Robinson is considered to be too close to U.S. President Barack Obama. Back in 2010, Obama appointed Robinson serve as the assistant U.S. secretary of commerce for conservation and management.

The plan is to make sure that FAMU gets an interim president who will be in good favor with the top leadership of the Florida Tea Party.

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