Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Trustee says about $77,000 spent on garage project for on-campus President's House without BOT approval

FAMU Presidential Residence in 2011 (Google Maps)
FAMU Trustee Robert Woody recently expressed his concern about what he said was a garage project of approximately $77,000 that took place at the on-campus presidential residence. He said that President Elmira Mangum did not present the project to the Board of Trustees for its approval.

“An example of her failure to communicate with the Board is on the renovation of the garage at the President’s House. This renovation cost was approximately $77,000 which the President did not present to the Board resulted in a failure to receive approval for the project,” Woody wrote in his individual evaluation of the president for 2014-2015.

The employment agreement between Mangum and the FAMU Board of Trustees states the following about “capital improvements” to the on-campus presidential residence: “Dr. Mangum shall obtain prior approval from the Board (or its designee) for any capital improvements or repairs to the home or its grounds which have a project cost over $10,000. The Board’s designee and Dr. Mangum shall meet prior to her employment to review and assess refurbishments needed for the home, which the University shall arrange for completion prior to Dr. Mangum’s occupancy of the residence.”

Chairman Rufus Montgomery also referenced the garage at the on-campus presidential residence in his individual evaluation of Mangum.

“Given the budgetary challenges faced by the institution, student-centered expenditures would be more appropriate for the money currently spent on chauffeur-driven Lincoln Navigators, a leased current-year Cadillac, a detached garage at the President’s Residence and international travel expenses,” the chairman wrote.

The FAMU Board of Trustees has yet to announce whether it will discuss those expenses at future meetings. 

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