Thursday, June 30, 2016

NCA&T gained $4M boost in tuition and fees during 2014-2015 as FAMU took $9.2M loss

The Rattler football team took a 40-21 loss as the Aggies' homecoming opponent in 2014
North Carolina A&T University took FAMU’s former title as the #1 largest single campus historically black college or university in 2014-2015. It also gained a multi-million dollar boost in its tuition and fee revenue due, in part, to its enrollment increase that year.

“Tuition  and  fees  increased  by  $4,002,160.32  or  7.63%,  due  to  increases  in  fee  rates  as  well  as  enrollment increases,  particularly  in  out-of-state  students,” the Management's Discussion & Analysis section of the 2015 financial audit for NCA&T stated.

NCA&T enrolled 10,725 students in Fall 2014. A total of 2,230 of them, or 20 percent, were from out-of-state. The six-year graduation rate at NCA&T (for the class that began Fall 2008) was 49 percent.

FAMU had 10,233 students in Fall 2014, which was a loss of 505 from the previous fall. The Florida auditor general said that: “Net student tuition and fees decreased by $9.2 million, or 17.1 percent, as compared to the 2013-2014 fiscal year. This decrease was due primarily to a decline in enrollment.”

NCA&T saw its enrollment go up again in Fall 2015 to a total of 10,852. But FAMU’s student numbers slid down to 9,920. That cost FAMU another $9M from tuition and fee losses.

FAMU expects to lose another $9M+ due to its projected loss of 920 students in 2016-2017. NCA&T is anticipating more enrollment growth.

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