Sunday, August 26, 2012

Green-Powell appointed interim dean of FAMU College of Education

The administrative shake-ups continue under FAMU’s new interim administration.

Interim President Larry Robinson has appointed Patricia Green-Powell to serve as the interim dean of the FAMU College of Education. Genniver C. Bell, who had led the college since 2008, will return to full-time teaching on the faculty.

“I take on this assignment with a high level of commitment to the task,” Green-Powell said.

Green-Powell has been a member of the College of Education’s faculty since 2005. She was FAMU’s vice-president for student affairs from 2003-2005, serving alongside then-Provost Larry Robinson. Before that appointment, she was the vice-president for student affairs at Bainbridge College, director of student services at South Carolina State University, and director of student services at the FAMU School of Business and Industry.

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