Saturday, August 18, 2012

SGA president and vice-president ready for spirited school year

Marissa A. West and Michael Jefferson II were named 2012-2013 FAMU Student Government Association (SGA) president and vice-president, respectively.

West, 22, is a fifth year doctor of pharmacy candidate from Chicago. Jefferson is a senior environmental sciences student from Indianapolis, Ind.

West, who likes to study and play sports in her spare time, said a good leader has a willingness to serve others and the courage to make unpopular decisions.

Jefferson agreed.

“Student leaders are made great by what they do with the awareness that education provides,” Jefferson said. “Dedication to the vision of the university and its legacy is critical to knowing what actions to take to protect, preserve and project the institution to the next echelons of greatness.”

Some of their initiatives for the upcoming school year include:
  • Providing strong student representation on the FAMU Board of Trustees;
  • Finding innovative ways to expand the university’s technology services; and
  • Making sure the student body is proactive in the 2012 United States presidential election, community, student and alumni engagement in the form of their Faith Partners Campaign, a mural project and innovative student-friendly policy writing on a university-wide scale.

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