Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Reid’s name circulating as likely top choice for band director

Yesterday, FAMU canceled a press conference that it scheduled to announce the new director of the Marching 100.

"We felt we had a firm commitment on Monday, but there were concerns expressed by the candidate regarding the new academic structure in the Department of Music," said Interim Provost and chair of the search committee Rodner Wright.  "We are continuing our discussion with the candidate.  In lieu of the new discussion, we want to make sure that we are doing what is in the best interest of university."

An article by Associated Press reporter Gary Fineout stated: "A university official who was not authorized to release the information publicly said that FAMU was prepared to announce Tuesday the hiring of Jorim Reid, who is currently the director of North Carolina Central University. Reid, who is from Miami, attended FAMU and has written his own musical compositions."

The "new academic structure in the Department of Music" will be a sweeping change from previous years. The new director will report to the chairman of the FAMU Department of Music.  That is a change from the previous director, who also served as department chairman.

The director will work closely with the Department of Music Compliance Officer, a newly created position.  Together, they will ensure that staff and members of the marching and pep bands are made aware of and comply with the university's policies and procedures regarding anti-hazing, academic requirements, rehearsal hours and travel.  

Chipman supporters voice disappointment

Associate Director of Bands Shelby Chipman is also a finalist to lead the Marching 100. Some of his supporters voiced disappointment to Tia Mitchell, a FAMU alumna and reporter for the Tampa Bay Times

Mitchell wrote that FAMU alumnus Alfred "Al" Lawson suggested the interim administration might be bending to outside pressures that are suspicious of Chipman simply because he was on the Marching 100's staff when the hazing death of band member Robert Champion took place in 2011.

"You should not let the politics of the band situation prevent a person of his caliber from getting the job," Lawson said.

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Anonymous said...

Calling Dr. Humphries!! Please come back to rescue FAMU from stupidity and incompetence for they know not how to make wise decisions and to lead...and not to mention "stay out of the media." They are being personal and messy O' Humphries and they are allowing the powers-that-to-be to strong-arm them and do their dirty work so that we can once again be made a mockery and lose students to other schools that have better sense than we do! O' Humphries, we know that you would not have allowed such a thing because you have a backbone and was the greatest defender of our illustrious university but as of late, lack-luster university. Dr. Robinson is out of touch and so is his administration. He is only the interim. As, the 100 would say S-O-S-S-O-S-S-O-S SOS !!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Humphries is the reason FAMU is in the shape that is in now. He along with his right-hand-man Dr. Ammons failed to properly govern he university and in turn have destroyed its image. The BOG needs to get rid of the entire administration and start from scratch as well diversify the student body

Anonymous said...

Dr Humphries and Dr Ammons were both excellent Presidents.