Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Robinson addresses executive order affecting foreign travel and immigration

Interim President Larry Robinson released the following statement regarding the recent executive order affecting foreign travel and immigration:

“Florida A&M University has a strong and vibrant academic and research community, which includes diverse students, staff, and faculty representing various countries. The University remains committed to providing its faculty, staff, and students with a safe, positive, and fruitful working and learning environment regardless of their nation of origin.

As the university works to attain more information about the application and enforcement of the executive order, we encourage all faculty, staff, and students from the seven listed countries – Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen – to refrain from travel to these areas for the next 90 days. We also encourage those planning to travel abroad during this period and thereafter, including spring break excursions, to consult with the FAMU Office of International Education and Development before departing the country.

There are currently approximately 200 international students within our campus community, and we are working to determine how they, as well as international faculty and staff, have been impacted by the executive order.

The FAMU community encourages careful consideration of the effects the executive order will have on the U.S. higher education and research community, as FAMU students, faculty and staff are often involved in ongoing education, research, and service projects in the international arena.

We stand ready to assist in offering solutions to support and strengthen the higher education and research community in light of the recent changes to U.S. foreign travel and immigration policy.”

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