Thursday, November 01, 2012

Torey’s run-off opponent livid about political mail calling her a “prostitute”

Broward County School Board hopeful Torey Alston is denying that he had anything to do with a political mailing that described a female candidate in the race as a “prostitute.” But a report by the black-owned Westside Gazette newspaper uncovered information that suggests the attack piece might be linked to one of Torey’s supporters.

The mailing reached voters shortly before the August 14 primary. It called the frontrunner in the race, local minister Rosalind Osgood, a “prostitute.” It also had a picture of her that was digitally altered to make it look as if she standing behind prison bars.

 “I received calls from many people, from over 20 pastors to Congressman Alcee Hastings upset that someone would stoop to  this level,” Osgood said.

An investigation by the Westside Gazette found that: “The printer and mail house that produced the mail provided information that the order was placed by a Lauderhill resident named Omar Terrell. Mr. Terrell would not reply to several requests for comment. However, Mr. Terrell’s background revealed that he was a student at Florida A&M University (FAMU). While at FAMU, Omar and Corey Alston, brother of school board candidate Torey Alston, shared personal fraternal relationships.  Although the Alston campaign has publicly vehemently disavowed having anything to do with the mail piece, many voters feel the connection is just too close.”

Osgood, a Democrat, has long been the local favorite in the nonpartisan race for the Broward County School Board District 5 seat. She received the endorsement of the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel for the August 14 primary. Osgood received 47.65 percent of the vote in the primary to Torey’s 28.89 percent.

Torey, a Republican, is now in a run-off against Osgood. Osgood also picked up the Sun-Sentinel’s endorsement for the general election.


Anonymous said...

If i wasbTorey i would highly watch what i do when it calls to name-callimg. There are plenty of people within the Famu community that remember you, and truly know the shananigans that you were up to during your matriculation as a student at Famu. The fact that your a republican is a fair bit of satire to me. We Floridians are not blind, are hearts are not void to your antics. Mr. Alston je sais que mes limites et aider ceux qui en ont vraiment besoin d'être aidés. voulez cinquante dollars moi inbox et je vais vous donner des instructions we are not stupid, and many far and wide know what your really about. Rather a text book definition of "Sandusky" if you can catch my drift.

Anonymous said...

Why are there so many haters on this educated and smart young man. I went to college a with him and he has been a friend, brother and person of good character that I can call upstanding young man. Just because he was the youngest person to be appointed to the FAMU BOT and can handle his own dont hat please. I know Torey and we would not dare put out any crazy ads about his opponent. Get your facts right. And I have noticed all y'all Rattler nation writers are about to loose y'all jobs when this new interim president finished getting rid of y'all.. Saunders, Thompson and Andrews.. Now screw y'all selfs