Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Miller says Mangum didn’t authorize $77,000 garage/driveway project at President’s House

Back in July, FAMU Trustee Robert Woody criticized President Elmira Mangum for not presenting a renovation project of about $77,000 at the on-campus President’s House to the Board of Trustees for approval. But Vice President of Communications and External Relations Jimmy Miller told the Associated Press that Mangum didn’t authorize the project herself.

“Trustees have raised questions about $77,000 worth of repairs done to the president’s garage and driveway. Miller said the repairs were done without Mangum’s approval,” the Associated Press reported.

A tweet that Associated Press reporter Gary Fineout posted on September 2 added more information that was not in the final version of the article.

“FAMU officials say Mangum was unaware of cost and did not approve the $77k garage/driveway project - which came from state $$$,” the tweet stated.

The employment agreement between Mangum and the FAMU Board of Trustees states the following about “capital improvements” to the on-campus presidential residence: “Dr. Mangum shall obtain prior approval from the Board (or its designee) for any capital improvements or repairs to the home or its grounds which have a project cost over $10,000. The Board’s designee and Dr. Mangum shall meet prior to her employment to review and assess refurbishments needed for the home, which the University shall arrange for completion prior to Dr. Mangum’s occupancy of the residence.”

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